All schools must report and wait for approval before disbursing funds when the following occur

  1. A change in accrediting agency (notify the Department, when you begin making any change that deals with your schoolís institution-wide accreditation) (#15);
  2. a change in state authorizing agency (#17);
  3. a change in institutional structure (#18);
  4. an increase in the level of educational programs beyond the scope of current approval (#26);
  5. the addition of nondegree programs beyond the scope of current approval (#27);
  6. Note: For schools subject to the two-year rule, during the schoolís initial period of participation in the FSA programs, the Department will not approve additional programs that would expand the institutionís eligibility.
  7. the addition of short-term (300-599 clock hour) programs (#27);
  8. changes to the FSA programs for which the school is approved (Approvals from your accrediting agency and state authorizing agency are not required for this change.) (#37);
  9. a change in the type of ownership (#22);
  10. a change in ownership (#24); and
  11. adding a location (#30)


Changes not requiring the Departmentís written approval
All schools must report the following information to the Department
Refer to the FSA Handbook (Volumne 2, Chapter 5) for more information.